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Get Attention & Leads. Nurture Prospects Into Customers That Buy Repeatedly.

Get Referrals & Reviews.

(Without Having To Rely On An Agency Or Tech Team!)

Attract New Prospects

Through Websites & Sales

Funnels That Work.

Nurture Prospects and Customers With Automated AI Follow-Up Technology.

Get Referrals & Reviews To Maximize Sales. Operate It All With One Platform.

Tired Of Slow, Unpredictable & Unreliable Results With Marketing & Advertising For Your Business, Products or Services?

Run & Automate Your Entire Marketing With Just One Software.

Get Leads, Nurture & Follow-Up, Make Sales, Get

Referrals & Reviews... All In One Easy To Use Tool.


Deadeye gives you everything you need to attract attention, get leads, nurture leads to turn them into customers, maximize their value and turn them into ambassadors that refer and review.

Question: Do you have a way to generate customers on demand? What about taking customers down the path to buy, buy repeatedly then refer and review? If not... most likely your business is missing out on a lot of potential profits that you could be having right now. Dead Eye Ads makes it easy by providing a powerful marketing system that maximizes your opportunities. You'll have everything your business needs to attract attention, get leads, nurture leads to turn them into customers, maximize their value and turn them into ambassadors that refer and review.

Replace everything with Deadeye!

Deadeye Gives You ALL The

Tools, Tactics And Systems To Market

Your Business In One Platform!

Capture Leads With Our Funnels!

Nurture Prospects & Customers With Automated Marketing!

Follow Up With AI Via Text, Email, Ringless Voicemail & More!

Generate Referrals Automatically!

Get & Manage Reviews For Your Business!

Create Big Profits For Your Business!

Build An Audience. Produce Your Own Exclusive Leads That Become Customers.

Capture LEADS that you can have a daily conversation with... Create simple or complex custom funnels that quickly capture your visitors’ contact information, so you can generate new leads to follow-up with again and again, even after they leave your page!

Guide Your Prospects Through The Sale With AI.

Build powerful sales funnels that guide your leads and customers through the sales process from lead to sale. Educate clients, make offers, create upsells.

Nurture Prospects Into Customers That Buy Repeatedly.

With Deadeye's powerful follow up technology, you can ensure that leads get nurtured through our proven automated marketing sequences with text, email, ringless voicemail, Facebook messenger, phone calls & more! Get sequences that goes out automatically, or engage 1 on 1!

Engage & Keep Track

Use our built in CRM to remember contact information, customer details, tasks, appointments and more!

Easy 2 Way Communication

Connect with prospects and buyers through our 2 way communication channels. Send texts, emails, FB Messages, GMB messages and more!

Double Your Sales With Auto Follow - Up

Not everyone is ready to buy right this minute. With follow up, you can reach out automatically and stay top of mind until they are ready to make a move!

Increase Conversions With AI

With our powerful automated follow up, you'll get lots of communications with buyers. Don't worry. Our AI can automatically respond on your behalf intelligently.

Set Appointments, Manage Leads, Track Everything Easily.

Tracking is essential to know whether something is working. What is so great about Deadeye is just how transparent it is.

You Will See It. Feel It. Match It.

You'll see it working by being able to see every communication with each customer and read the back and forth. You'll feel it by getting all of the responses and you can even use it's technology to match it's sales results, so you know its actually is producing for you!

Lead Pipelines & Workflows

Want to know what stage your leads and sales are in? Want to track if a deal or sale closes? In our pipeline, you can see exactly where every deal sits and customize it to fit your process.

Appointments & Calendars

Keep track of appointments and be able share links and webpages to schedule with you or your team.

Maximize Profits By Getting More Referrals & Reviews From Prospects & Customers.

When people look your service up online do they find you there? Do you have a lot of recent good reviews to help them choose you over every other available option?

Get More Reviews

Deadeye makes it simple to request reviews from your customers in seconds through our powerful review management system. Request reviews. Manage them in minutes.

Turn Customers Into Ambassadors

That Refer.

Word of mouth marketing is one of the best forms of marketing on the planet. The challenge is getting customers to refer. Our systems can get referrals automatically and reach out to them on your and your customer's behalf.

Private Community & Marketing Training Center

When you purchase the Deadeye System you'll also get access to both our Facebook and private community where you can connect with other business owners!

Facebook Group & Private Community

Take advantage of our private community to get support, learn and connect with other businesses.


Each month we drop new trainings you can learn all kinds of marketing and sales tactics to help you with your marketing.


We will build your entire marketing system with our proven campaigns.

Check out some of these awesome systems:

Organizations Already Using Our Systems:

And Much More!

PLUS... You'll Get Our Powerful CRM To Power

Everything Under One Roof!

Replace & Save on MOST of your current paid applications! With Deadeye you'll gain access to these powerful tools with our platform:

Easy Funnel

& Website Editor

Our easy drag and drop web and funnel builder puts you in the drivers seat allowing you to easily make websites and sales funnels fast to attract leads. Need to update? Stop relying on web designers and programmers and do it instantly with our builder.


Marketing Follow Up.

Once you import or generate a lead, you can follow up with text, email, ringless voicemail, Facebook Messenger and more! Ensure every customer and lead gets followed up with correctly to maximize profits.

Powerful CRM To

Manage Leads.

Easily keep track of your leads with our built in CRM. Sort, filter, tag, look at the history, set tasks and reminders, engage with follow-up. Create your own fields to keep track of the information that is relevant to your business.

Analytics & Sales

Tracking Dashboard

Set appointments with our built in calendar features. See where every lead sits with our pipeline tool so that you don't miss a sale!

Calendar & Appointment Booking.

Schedule appointments for your business? Make it easy with our appointment scheduler and management system.

Webchat, Social

Messaging & APP

Engage customers from your social media (FB, instagram & GMB) directly in our platform. Add our website chat feature to your website or ours fast and follow up with questions online. Manage it all through our iPhone & Android app.

Lead Pipeline


See where every lead sits with our pipeline tool, so that you don't miss a sale! Build your own workflow and stages and track each lead.

2 Way Communication Portal.

See all the back and forth between prospects and customers in one screen. Remember conversations, keep track of lead flow and check effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

Get & Manage

Your Online Reviews

In today's world, reviews are important for your local business. The platform makes it easy. You can systematize the process and get review requests sent automatically!

Automate Social With Our Media Planner Tool

Keeping up with your social is never fun. We make it easy with our planner tool and even done for you content. Grab our content, pop in your logo... done!

Build Community With Your Customers.

Want to build a community with your customers? With Deadeye you can!

Staff Training Portal For New Hires

Training staff is a time-consuming process. We have the ability to create the training once and then be able to use it whenever you have a new hire. Use our virtual training portal system to create one specifically for your business employees or customers.


With Deadeye, You Get Everything You Need To Get Leads, Nurture &

Follow-Up, Make Sales, Get Referrals & Reviews... All In One Easy To Use Tool.

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Pricing & Packages

See which Deadeye Package is right for you!

Silver- Done-With-You

  • 2 Way Text & Email conversations

  • GMB messaging

  • Webchat

  • Reputation management

  • Facebook messenger

  • GMB call tracking

  • Missed call text back

  • Text to pay

  • Campaigns

  • Email Marketing

  • Funnels

  • Websites

  • Forms

  • Calendar

  • Surveys

  • CRM

  • Opportunities

  • Triggers

  • SMS & Email Templates

  • Drag & drop website builder

  • Marketing automation

  • Campaign builder

  • Power dialer

  • Assisted build

  • Consulting

  • Membership to Deadeye Community

  • Workflows

  • Reporting

  • Trigger links

  • Social Media Templates

  • Access to one-on-one marketing audit

  • $30 Credits/ MTH- Call & Text

Price $297 / MTH


  • Everything in PRO+

  • $50 Text & Call Credits

  • Custom Website

  • Custom Funnel

  • Custom Follow Up Campaign

  • Done 4 you set up package.

  • Access to Facebook & Google Ad System

    • Including the best performing ad campaigns.

  • Custom social media posts created for YOUR school

Price: $797/ MTH + Adspend

Not sure which package is right for you?

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(Packages include credits for calling, texting and emailing. Additional texts .0202 / txt Additional calls .0351 / min)


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Get Attention With Powerful Ads.

Capture Leads With Our Funnel Systems.

Nurture Prospects & Customers With Automated Marketing!

Follow Up With Text, Email, Ringless Voicemail & More!

Generate Referrals Automatically!

Get & Manage Reviews For Your Business!

DEADEYE Gives You THE TOOLS You Need To Market Your Business In One Platform!

What is Deadeye Ads?

Deadeye is an all in one marketing agency with AI driven marketing software that can market any business. Get powerful systems to get keep and maximize customers!


Still have questions? Set up a demo. and get a 1 on 1 strategy session to see how Deadeye could work for your business.

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